Training During Covid

As a business MAXI Haulage had to make some hard decisions to keep everyone safe and comply with government guidelines. One of those decisions hit the training department (ME) the hardest, I had gone from group training 10-20 individuals to not being able to train anymore which obviously affected my job!

In April 2020 I was furloughed, I came back to work in June 2020 ready to get stuck in.

Because of Covid-19 I have needed to take stock of the way training is being carried out within Maxi Haulage, I have adapt the way I work to ensure the best quality of training is given and most importantly to work within the guidelines given by Maxi and the Government.

After a good think, I renewed and wrote new training material, to ensure the newest information is being passed out to all that need it and started to look into some simple changes in the way training is being carried out.

Simple Changes

Because of Covid-19 I needed to make some simple changes to the way I worked:

  • Always ensured social distancing
  • Face mask will be worn whilst Training
  • Sanitizer must be used during any training course
  • Wipe down equipment during and after each training session
  • Reduce the size of any group training to ensure all guidelines are met
  • Minimise in vehicle training and assessments

Training Carried Out

Despite Covid-19 certain training is still needed to be carried out to ensure compliance is met within the business.

So, with this in mind the first few months after furlough I concentrated on:

  • Forklift Truck Training- New licences and refreshers
  • FORS -compulsory learning modules
  • Inductions for new employees

Forklift Training:

I have needed to carry out training for new FLT operators which takes between 3-5 days a time, also a lot of refresher has been needed to bring our current operators back in to scope of H&S best practice, and there has been some incident assessments needed to check capability after a issue.


We have three sites which are to the FORS Standard:

  • Lichfield – Silver
  • Cape Rd – Bronze
  • Wrexham – Bronze (New This Year)

We have had three audits one for each site which were done via zoom, but the preparation involved is huge.

There is a team of three (Rachael Sutton Mark Gilfedder Graeme Snowball) working in the background creating policy and procedures, carrying out risk assessments, noise pollution readings and many other tasks to ensure Maxi Haulage meet the stringent targets set out by FORS.

I have carried out a lot of the FORS training for Wrexham Via zoom which is a great tool but no replacement for face-to-face training.

This year we have be concentrating on Bridge Strikes and trying to refresh the knowledge of all our drivers, so they understand the best practice to prevent a bridge strike and if one occurs the steps, they need to take for the safety of all.

Maintaining our training schedule is compulsory for our Certificates.


We are still actively recruiting for HGV drivers and other members of staff, for us to carry out full inductions normally takes about 8 hours to complete, the driving assessment section has been a bit of a challenge due to Covid, but I have found a few different ways to ensure all drivers meet the standard set by Maxi.

Other Projects:

Also, over the last year we have introduced a new strapping booklet which contains best practice strapping procedures for ENXL rated trailers and None ENXL rated trailers for a large amount of our customers, we tried to concentrate on this to ensure we find the safest method to transport their product, so that our customers receive the goods in the same condition it was loaded.

We have also introduced a scanner instruction booklet for the Parts Department to help their drivers use the new scanning system which is currently being rolled out by the IT department.

We have collective written the instructions for the new customs routine after Brexit, and where possible help other teams with the declarations.

Also, I have been putting a lot of work in a new safety strap for one of our customers, which will help secure their awkward load.


When the last block of CPC finished, I promised myself I would not let our team of drivers get behind on CPC due to Maxi not running enough courses, this time we are behind because of Covid-19 but I will be putting enough courses on over the next 6 months so we can all catch up. Dates will be available soon.


Graeme Snowball

Training Manager