Through The Night Service

This is a very significant part of Maxi Haulage.

The majority of the business is common user but we have a totally dedicated solution for one of our brands based in Warrington and Warwick.  The common user network has a total of 25 inbound trunks – these come from all over the UK/Belgium/France/Netherlands.

The last trailer arrives at our Warwick depot at around 01:30.  By 02:00, we have as many as 55 vehicles out delivering with runs being completed by between 07.00 to 08.00.  Many of the drop points are unmanned so drivers have to self discharge and put product away safely.

Historically, most of the volume has been delivering truck parts.  Nowadays, more and more enquiries are involving retail. Maxi provide dealer portals for to booking returns, the vast majority of packaging is recyclable.

In respect of product coming from mainland Europe, when there are delays at the Channel Tunnel, we still have to get much of the product distributed the same day so we have built up an expertise in bringing up to an additional 25 vehicles in at short term notice.


This is very highly time sensitive and we achieve 99.5% on time performance.