Summer 2023 catch up with our Managing Director, Alan Miles

We caught up with Alan Miles, our MD, and asked him a number of questions.

Is revenue on the increase?

Luckily we have brought on nearly £10m of new business on an annualised basis in 2023.  However, like for like business is down consistently by 6%.


How are you seeing the driver availability in the market?

It is not as bad as it was in 2021; however, part of that is down to demand being less.  Demand remains low for the rest of this year.  However, I would expect it to increase in 2024 and with it driver supply will tighten.


How much has driver pay increased in the last 2 years?

Clearly varies driver to driver but, as an average cost to the Company, has increased by 28%.


Have you many new trailers on order and what is the likely lead time?

We have a further 50 due in August/September.  These were only ordered in April so the lead time has reduced considerably.


Are Maxi buying any electric vehicles?

We keep the situation under constant review.  However, given the cost amount of time to charge and limited range, we have no current orders.  Nevertheless, we have installed electric charging points at our Depots for cars.


Is the Windsor framework good news or bad news for the business?

The truth is we don’t fully know.  The devil is in the detail.


What are the big challenges for the business in the next 6 months?

  • Costs have gone up significantly re electric/gas charges.  We are working hard to reduce consumption but there is still up to a £300,000 cost impact.
  • New vehicle and trailer costs have increased significantly as have service/MOT costs and of course parts.
  • There remans a very tight labour market in all areas.
  • There are peaks in demand meaning Tuesday/Wednesday being much busier than other days.
  • Understanding and acting on implications of the Windsor framework.
  • Worsening imbalance ex Scotland with much more going than coming back.
  • Bedding in our new traffic management system, Mandata.