Slam Dunking: Quick fire questions with Sam Crawford

For those of you that may not know, Maxi’s own Sam Crawford previously competed in college basketball. During his time on the 2019 Maxi development scheme I caught up with him to ask some quick fire questions about his basketball experience.

Q – How long have you been playing basketball

A – I have been playing since I was 12 so around 10 years

Q – What position did you play?

A – Point guard and thee shooting guard

Q – How often would you train?

A – 4 intense sessions a week

Q – Worst injury?

A – After landing heavy on my ankle at an awkward angle caused the ligaments to tear. As a result, I could not play for several months.

Q – Any pre-match superstitions?

A – Yes, I always put my right shoe on then my left, then I tie my right shoe first then my left. Always had to be done that way.

Q – Favourite team and player

A – My favourite team is NBA giants The Chicago Bulls and as for favourite player, it can only be one the legendry Michael Jordan

Q – Did you get to travel a lot when playing?

A – Yes, I got to travel all over the UK, and got to visit places I would not normally visit.

Q – Greatest achievement

A – My greatest achievement would have to be getting to the last 4 in the college basketball league as we had a great team and that was an amazing achievement.

Q – Last question, did basketball teach you any important life skills?

A – It taught me that to achieve anything be it big or small, you have to give 100% and be prepared to work hard to keep on improving.


Written By Kieron Colgan