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Delivering value through innovation

Producing the goods: quality, economy, service, reliability and added value. Technical know-how, control and feed back

With the haulage and associated services we provide these often involve additional added value services and examples of these are

  • With our advanced IT functions based on a combination of IBM and Microsoft applications, we often integrate with customers’ systems to optimise our services to them.
  • Provide bar coding reading written to suit the customers’ requirements, using their bar codes or our own.
  • Cutting, Packing, Rebranding, Shrink wrapping
  • KPI product to suit customer requirements
  • Whilst moving products from A to B is the basic requirement we often add services for example
  • Sourcing empty drums for collecting to return to customer
  • Providing environmental carbon footprint of the work we are doing and identifying ways to reduce this.
  • Delivering to unmanned sites and self-unloading and, if required, putting into storage locations
  • Shipping assessments and AIS tracking
  • Detailed weather forecasting and proposing solutions where this will adversely affect deliveries
  • Breaking down and reusing packaging including cleaning
  • Customer survey and delivery point Risk Assessments & Method Statements- We can provide specialised RAMS for site specific deliveries and collections and have extensive experience in this field with the Construction and Electrical Contracting Industries.
  • SAP and other IT systems updating
  • Waste Transportation – The Company are registered Waste Carriers in both Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Long term customer relationships are what we achieve.

Haulage, Distribution and Logistics Services

Maxi Haulage operate around 160 trucks and over 600 trailers.  Distinctive areas of logistics service we provide include:

Based on 2 hubs in Bellshill in Scotland and Warwick in England we deliver throughout the UK each day using our own vehicles, with a high concentration on the retail sector.

Based on various customer sites and including many added value services such as packaging return, cutting, stock management, loading and yard management.

For mainly large multinational companies who require our consistently high of quality service with associated IT skills and attention to KPIs and other administration procedures.

Our biggest success story in the last 4 years has been our serious entry into the Irish market. We have moved from being a small player to a substantive operation moving almost 1,000 trailers per week.  We identified a major opportunity as, historically, the trucking market to Ireland was operating a general haulage model.

Our period of development has also coincided with the major growth spurt to Ireland where the market has been growing at around 40,000 loads per year, with relatively static shipping capacity.  Therefore one of the principal activities in our development has been managing shipping space.

In order to retain quality shipping space we needed to take a different approach. We have regular review meetings with shipping companies where we involve our Clients. All of our slots are taken up as we develop non time sensitive business to balance with time sensitive business.

‘Tailored to suit’ bespoke contract packages are readily available from Maxi. Many customers have saved significant capital and management time to concentrate on their main activity by transferring their transport and warehousing to ourselves.

Our site at Immingham specialises in delivering new trucks and buses that come into the UK. These are delivered by both transporter and trade plates.

Undertaken by our experienced management team logistical analysis and feasibility studies are the first step to cost-effective, high service answers to your transportation and storage requirements. This is followed by carefully implementing the changeover, continually monitoring the quality and effectiveness of the service. We have the experience of many successful projects behind us.

Maxi has long and extensive experience of logistical problem solving. This is available to customers to carry out discreet and confidential studies to improve their physical distribution and warehousing operations. We will always fully implement our proposals strictly following pre-agreed programmes and procedures.

Our ability to respond rapidly; our customer focused objectivity to achieve quick but successful results; the strength of our fleet and facility ownership to ensure successful implementation… these add up to a total of Maxi features that traditional logistical consultants are simply unable to match.


The Company has achieved Silver Accreditation under the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme which demonstrates compliance with best practice in Safety, Efficiency and Legal Compliance issues.


The Company is registered and audited under the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange system which gives customers direct access to our ethical trading and auditing history.

We provide and implement practical logistics solutions, tailored to customers’ requirements.