Our Scottish development teams charity work

Maxi Haulage has organised it’s development course again for 2022 and we very fortunate to be chosen to take part.

We are the Maxi Scottish Fundraising team consisting of Carla Robinson from Head Office and Sam Campbell from the Bellshill Depot.

As part of our development course, we chose to raise money for 2 charities. The first being Honeyrose Foundation. The Honeyrose Foundation was founded in 2004 with the goal to grant special wishes to adults over 40, with terminal and/or life-threatening illnesses. By enabling people to spend a memorable experience, day or weekend with their family, The Honey Rose Foundation helps alleviate their suffering, improve their quality of life, and provide the family with a great deal of pleasure and a lasting memory of their loved one. It is one of the only charities in the UK which cater solely towards adults who face living with a terminal illness.

I suggested to Sam that we should include a second charity so that we could be as ambitious with our fundraising as possible! to them to allow even more people to benefit. And so we decided to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, which is a charity really close to my heart. I was raised by my grandparents but when I was young my papa suffered a heart attack which would change his life forever.

With this heart attack he lost the use of his left ventricle of his heart, which is in non-scientific terms the bottom quarter of his heart. Due to his heart condition, he has been in and out of hospital with various cardio problems since then. So, as I have grown up, I have become very aware of the work and research that the British Heart Foundation do and how important their research is. I would give everything I have to thank them for the work they do for those with heart conditions as I have seen the impact of heart disease personally.

For our fundraising we decided to host multiple events. The first of these was a golf day held at Sam’s local Golf Course Sandyhills Golf Course in Glasgow. The day was an event mainly for subcontractors and serious golfers! It was held of the 4th September and included competitions throughout. We organised small events like the longest drive, closest to the pin and Magic 2‘s.

After the golf there was a sit down 2-course meal and a raffle. I sold tickets for the raffle and had various smaller events throughout the night for prizes like Whiskey. Our raffle had various prizes including wine and chocolates which were very kindly donated to us. It was a great day all round and we raised just over £1,300 for the golf day and then an additional £240 for the raffle and night time events.

We also decided to organise an Adventure Assault Course Day. We wanted to have a day were family and friends could come along. It was also a great team building day.

Now it was just myself and some of the girls from Head Office who ever brave enough to take on the assault course. Which now I have completed the course myself, I do not blame anyone who didn’t take on the course! There were 28 different obstacles on the course, for example 10ft wall climbs, monkey bars and a watersplash finish! A large portion of the course was also in various bogs and mucky water, so it really was quite the challenge. I wouldn’t have been able to complete it without the help and support from the spectators and the other girls who participated.

We also wanted to throw another raffle to give those who were unable to come to the golf day or assault course a chance to take part in our fundraising. As we began preparations for the raffle we were very kindly donated an additional 12 bottles of wine. We held the raffle at Head Office and raised an additional £356.50 from the sale of raffle tickets.

So far we have raised a total of £2,161.60 for our charities and still plan to raise more before the end of the year.

If anyone would like to donate to our charities please donate to the link below, we are extremely grateful for any donations of any size!

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