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Our People

At Maxi Haulage we understand that the success of our business depends on our people.  We’ve asked a variety of employees about themselves and their experiences of working with the company and hope you enjoy reading about them.

Maxi Development Scheme – 2022

It’s that time of year were Alan has chosen candidates for the 2022 Maxi development course.

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Development Course 2022 – Dementia UK

As part of the 2022 Development Course, we (Tom from Wedgnock Depot) and (Reece from Litchfield Depot) have chosen to team up together and raise money for Dementia UK.

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An Interview with Daniel Fairhurst: Rugby

We were able to have a chat with Daniel Fairhurst who is based in Warrington, I was able to ask him a questions about one of his hobbies, Rugby.

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Hole in one King: Tom Jackson

At what age did you begin playing golf?

“I started playing when I was age 12, I had always watched numerous family members compete weekly which initiated my interest in Golf. At the time I played rugby and due to injuring my shoulder I could no longer play which was when I decided to take up Golf. ”

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Fleet Maintenance Manager: Dave Shaw

David Shaw, Fleet Maintenance Manager at Maxi Haulage, talks about rising through the ranks and personal development in his search for a bright future with the company.

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Adam Duffy’s Transition to General Manager

What is it like being the Irish General Manager?

It’s a very challenging role. I progressed into this job after taking part in the Maxi Development Course, where I was able to gain more insight on how to be a manager and that gave me the confidence to apply. Read more

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