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Our People

At Maxi Haulage we understand that the success of our business depends on our people.  We’ve asked a variety of employees about themselves and their experiences of working with the company and hope you enjoy reading about them.

An Interview with Paige Workman

What made you want to come on the course?

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An Interview with Carla Robinson

Why you think you were invited onto this course?

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Our Scottish development teams charity work

Maxi Haulage has organised it’s development course again for 2022 and we very fortunate to be chosen to take part.

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maxi group

Charity Work – The Disasters Emergency Committee

I have attended the Maxi Development Course 2022, as part of this we had to raise money for charity. I chose to raise money for The Disasters Emergency Committee, this was related to the Ukrainian War/Disaster.

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An Interview with Sam Campbell

Sam, what has been your favourite topic we have covered so far from the development course?

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We always ensure that our clients and customers are continually provided with the best possible service whilst maintaining quality and efficiency. This leads to repeat business and long term relationships.