October Update 2023

We caught up with our MD Alan Miles for an update.


Has the implementation of the Windsor framework been smooth?

We have been preparing for this for a couple of months so far so good, been light touch so far. The big challenge will be when not light touch


What are the big challenges currently?

Essentially still more supply than demand, one issue is the inconsistency of volume – Like for like business still down month on month but big challenge is some very high volume weeks followed by low demand. Another big challenge is the changing shipping market to Ireland with the demise of P&O Liverpool Dublin service. The impact of this for us is mainly kick on effects like port congestion at other parts. Selling our second hand vehicles at normal pricing levels has been difficult, the final big challenge for us is the number of times the irish revenue customs system has been down it adds a signiciant workload for us.


How is driver supply?

Currently we are fully manned – from January we will increase are standard hourly rate by a further pound per hour.


Are there many tenders in the market currently?

Yes there is and we would only respond to approx. 1 in 5 currently. We do of course respond to all existing customers tender, transport inflation is running higher than average inflation so many people asking for rates increases  hence significant market testing.