New Trailers – June 2021

First trailer of an order of 40 hits the road for Maxi Haulage Ltd

Maxi Haulage are taking delivery of a further forty new Curtain side trailers from trailer manufacturer Lawrence David in Peterborough, as we continue to invest in our fleet to ensure our team of drivers have the best equipment to work with


General Manager Andy McGuire at Maxi Haulage said that these are the first Weilton Chassis Trailers we have taken from Lawrence David and shows our trust in the Lawrence David product that goes back many many years and further cements our relationship with the body builder and trailer supplier to the Maxi Haulage group of companies. These trailers are specified with Pillarless side access to allow quicker loading/unloading times


We will see a further batch identical trailers added to the fleet in January 2022 as part of our replacement and growth strategy to service our customer base

Andy McGuire

General Manager (UK)