New Starter Induction: The Maxi Way

On initial induction, a new starter is introduced to a buddy, the buddy is usually the trainer, who is also tasked with overseeing the new starter, helping them to settle into a new work space, training them and is the go to person for any day to day queries.

After the new starter has been with us for one month, HR have an update meeting with new starter, to assess progress, how they have settled in, if the buddy is performing as required and also to discuss areas to improve on training going forward

After 3 months, another review is carried out with both the chosen buddy & their manager for feedback on the starter’s progression along with their strengths, weaknesses, how they are with the surrounding environment, any training that would benefit them. Then HR meet with starter to discuss feedback from peers and starters perceptions.

I was able to catch up with our most recent new starter, Chris Holland. He’s been with us since November 2018.


How did you find your first day?

My first day was good, I had an induction which again provided a  more further understanding of Maxi works, then I was introduced to everyone and my buddy (Dan) who I sat next to for the day and he showed me some basics of what a planner does on a daily basis.


Did you find the induction process easy to follow?

It was slightly long however it was simple to follow and covered all the questions that I had in regard to how things work.


How did you find the buddy system?

It was good, I found it hands on in the fact that I learned on the job as opposed to being given instructions on a piece of paper for example. I was up at the board learning how to plan deliveries and collections. The buddy system also allowed me to ask questions to gain a further understanding.


Did your buddy help you in the way they needed to?

He did, Dan showed me everything he could do in a day and showed me how to use the systems i.e Green screen, and how to use the shipping tools. He also shown me all the folders which we use daily to keep track of all collections and deliveries. The whole idea of it is good as it provided me with a greater understanding of how a day to day life in Maxi is.


How did you find your first month at Maxi Haulage?

Busy! I joined the month before Christmas so there was a high volume of loads coming in each day for the lead up to Christmas and after it. This meant that the office was sometimes be very busy and people trying to do several things at once, which from a newbies perspective is crazy, however I found though I managed to pick up new skills in that scenario and it helped me and a understanding of what the whole job was all about.


When your first review came around, how did you find it?

It was very laid back I didn’t find it stressful at all. Rachel just asked me how I had settled in, what I had learnt in my time being here and what could be done to improve myself further in the job.