Mental Health Awareness

Many people suffer with a mental health issue, whether this be depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and many more. Everyone’s brains are different, if they weren’t – the world wouldn’t be as interesting as it is today.

Mental Health is an illness – just like physical health, everybody had this, something that needs to be looked after and needs to have an outlet. Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Many suffer in silence, many open up and confide in someone they can trust.

Good mental health is described in a way of being able to think, feel and react in ways to ensure you can live your everyday life with no issues. On the other side, if you’re going though poor mental health, the way you think changes, the way you react changes and this can cause issues within your day to day life.

One main part of having a mental illness is the triggers – are you saying no more often than yes? Everything becomes a chore, such as going out to see Friends, Family ETC. Having certain thoughts that you haven’t come across before.

Feeling guilty for things that have happened in the past and things happening in the present, getting irritated easily and being frustrated over the little things, feeling sad more often than happy and the lack or excessive amounts of sleep. It goes without saying, there are many more triggers than the above, people can have many different triggers, but they are the most common.

The main thing that everyone who is going through mental health struggles needs to know is that there is always help waiting for you. Many people decide to go into therapy to work out how they can work their way through. There are helplines, Doctors and even groups and pages on social media that anyone can go to, to be able to talk to someone out of their own circle and be able to talk about what’s going on with out being face to face.

The best thing that anyone can do is just to ask people how they are, check up on them and make sure that in turn you always make people aware that you are okay, if not find someone to talk to – don’t suffer in silence.


Written by Molly Stone