Meet the 3rd member of our 2016 Development Scheme

Daniel Fairhurst, the 3rd member of our 2016 Development Scheme, gives us his views on his time working at Maxi Haulage. In July 2015, having previously being made redundant after working for a manufacturing company for 5 years, I applied for the role of shipping clerk at Maxi Haulage. At the age of 27, although still young, I was quite concerned as many companies these days look to recruit younger people that they can develop to grow with the business and I had also no previous experience working within Haulage. I was offered the chance to meet with Adam Duffy (General Irish Operations Manager) and was offered the position a week later and I have never looked back since!

I began my first day on the 12th of August 2015 and I was thrown right in at the deep end, which I didn’t mind as I feel this is the best way to learn quickly. I faced many challenges in my first couple of weeks, not only did I have to get to grips with Maxi’s unique culture and get to know my new colleagues, I had to learn a whole new industry too! Luckily, I had Greg Duffy on hand to pass on his ‘expert’ knowledge of the role to me. After the first few days I was left to run shipping on my own, the more I learned about the more relaxed I felt and I started to enjoy my new role more and more. The most interesting part of the role for me was learning about the different shipping companies, boat and shipping routes. After some hard work in my first few months, trying to get myself up to date with all the different transport ‘terms’ and the way Maxi was run, I was offered the chance to move from shipping and into a planning role. Having seen what the role entailed whilst on shipping I knew this was going be another challenge for me.

Danny Fairhurst Maxi Haulage

In January I began my second role planning on the Irish General side. This was a new opportunity and I was looking forward to working hard to progress in the role. I always thought I was quite good at geography but this put all my knowledge to the test. This was just one of many new aspects I had to learn, different customer requirements, how to deal with customers, improving my knowledge on drivers’ hours to plan efficiently, to mention a few. Again, challenging but enjoyable. After a couple of months I was asked to look after one of our customers and become their point of contact within the office. I found this rewarding for the hard work I had put into my role and it showed that the company had faith in my abilities. I also got the chance to get out the office and meet with them, which was a great way for me to build up my relationship with them.

This about brings me up to the 1 year mark at Maxi. After starting in 2015 with relatively no experience and no knowledge of the industry I feel I have come a long away. This was highlighted by being chosen for Maxi’s 2016 development course. I know I still have a lot to learn about Maxi and the haulage industry so I am eager to take as much as possible from the course and I hope it sets me up for bigger and better things in the future.