Maxi Update 2023

We caught up with MD Alan Miles to ask questions around the market in 2023


Are we busier in 2023 compared to 2022?

Yes we are busier due to new business gains however like for like business is down around 5% especially in the business to Ireland.


In terms of capital expenditure, what has been happening?

We have invested around 5 Million Pounds in new vehicles and trailers in our financial year October 22 onwards.


What is tender activity like?

Busiest in my career to date, there are many tenders in most areas of our business.


How is the Northern Ireland protocol/Windsor framework impacting business?

We need to see what the final rules and regulations are, however if all goods to Northern Ireland have to be labelled it will cause huge expense and some form of disruption. It is not as easy as it sounds.


What do you see as the main challenges for rest of 2023?

  • Less stock being held and lead time pressure
  • Inconsistent demand, some very high demand weeks some very quiet
  • Dependent on final detail re Windsor framework potential significant extra cost
  • Parts shortages and engineering vendors labour supply
  • Changing balance profile with imbalance to/from Scotland getting worse with less moving ex Scotland
  • Bedding in our new transport management software
  • Continuing pressure on costs
  • Ensuring all of our customers understand the implications of the new environmental tax effective from January 1st 2024