Maxi Development Scheme Group 1: What did you think?

It’s now just been over a week since the first group of the Maxi Development course 2019 had finished. I caught up with each candidate and asked them for some feedback from the course: 

development course 2019-2020

Rich Jones:

Before the course, I was at a bit of a crossroads in terms of my career. I had almost lost interest in transport and was seriously considering a move away from the industry. The Maxi Development Course provided an ideal and timely opportunity to reignite that interest and give me a fresh outlook not only on Maxi and the transport industry, but on myself too.

From terminology and finances to health & safety and insurance, I learnt so much about the industry. It was also great to have Alan share with us his expert knowledge on shipping and Brexit. In the space of 2 weeks I learnt more about Maxi than I had in 12 months – exploring other depots and departments, our dealings with customers and subcontractors, how the fleet is acquired, maintained and disposed of, as well as examples of some of the legal and financial implications of my day-to-day activities.

However, most importantly the course helped me learn more about myself. I was relatively shy and somewhat of a ‘closed-book’ before the course. However, through working with Alan and interactions with the rest of the group, I was encouraged to express my creativity and flair more, a side to me I didn’t even realise I had. Besides making some great friends, I have been able to learn how to take criticism positively and constructively, use mistakes to improve, and learnt how to change my mindset for the better both at work and home.


Dave Shaw:

Generally, I found the course very well-structured and informative. I liked the balance of time spent in the classroom and out on visits (i.e. Seatruck) and it was also useful to see how different departments operate. For me, I found the finance session interesting as I hadn’t realised how much work goes into checking new customers and the background research that is carried out. I enjoyed spending informal one-on-one time with Alan, and I can’t see many other companies taking their MD out of their day-to-day role to develop their staff. It was nerve-wracking to have Alan mark my progress on week one, but I liked seeing how that had changed by the end of week two. Personally, I’d liked to have spent more time discussing how we treat drivers for best results but overall, I really enjoyed the content. Venue was great too, food excellent.


Hollie Crook:

My experience on the two-week development course was eye opening, it was great to learn the facts and figures about the company which you would not normally see or hear about on a day to day basis in work. Alan and each person who presented to the team shared their knowledge about the company and made each delegate on the course feel at ease throughout. Personally, the finance presentation with Grant helped me to understand what happens behind the scenes at head office and how much our roles impact the outcome of the job they complete daily, it was interesting to learn that Maxi have had steady growth yearly. One of my weaknesses which I highlighted was my own knowledge of the maintenance department, on the second week we spent a morning discussing maintenance and visited tiger trailers which made me more confident to carry out maintenance issues within my role. Personally, by the end of the two-week course it was surprising to look back and see how much I had changed within myself. My weaknesses from the beginning of the course slowly began to become my strengths and my mind set had completely changed over such a short space of time. Interacting with Alan and new people from different depots and departments was one of my main highlights, including giving and receiving criticism off each other, we all bonded as a team. I would highly recommend the Maxi development scheme for any candidate that is accepted, the course has given me a positive outlook on my job role, the company and my home life.


Sam Crawford:

Being on this course has opened my eyes to what each depot does within the business, it’s helped me see how the company works. I had been given some advice about the course and just to go into it with and open mind. The most interesting session of the course was finance, learning more about the profits and losses of the company and learning what the finance department does on a day to day basis. Along with learning new skills about the company and the haulage industry, I’ve learnt a lot about myself, I’ve seen that there is so much more I can do and that I have no limits, something so simple as looking at things in a different way has made such a difference and helped me have a more positive outlook. I’ve really enjoyed making new relationships with all the other candidates on the course, it’s helped with building bridges between each depot. For anyone who is looking and wondering about the course, it’s a brilliant opportunity and you learn so much. Have a go and apply for it!


Molly Stone:

Probably about 3 days before the course started, I was very close to dropping out due to the nerves and being uncertain whether I was going to do well or not. Yet, it’s probably the best thing I have ever done. Stepping out of my comfort zone did wonders, learning more about the business and the haulage industry has helped open my eyes to more. It’s also helped me become a more confident person both in work and at home

One thing I have taken away that really stuck was knowing when to say no, I always want to be able to do everything people ask me too, however sometimes it isn’t possible. I made great new friends which also builds bridges between all the depots across the company.

Anyone who is looking at applying for the next course, do it. You will not regret it.


Kieron Colgan:

Looking back on my 2 weeks on the development scheme it is definitively something I would recommend to any colleague that gets the chance to go on it.

I was a little reluctant to go on the course but after meeting everyone on the first day I realised that with an open mind and a willingness to learn it would be enjoyable time. Which it was. Learning more about Maxi and hearing first hand from colleagues about their roles within the company has given me a better understanding of how the company works and how each role impacts on the company.

I would say I have left the course a more confident individual and working closely with Alan over the 2 weeks has made me realise my strengths and weaknesses and what I need to do to improve. I would also say that I have made 6 new friends on the course (Molly, Hollie, Hannah, Dave, Rich and Sam) and I look forward to keeping in contact with them. It is a worthwhile course and I would say it is an essential part of training for anyone who is looking to progress within the company.