Maxi Development Scheme Group 2 – What did you think?

It’s now been around 2 months since the last group of the Maxi Development course 2019 had finished. I caught up with each candidate and asked them for some feedback from the course:

Jordan Welsby:

Development scheme was a real eye opener for myself, I wasn’t originally selected for this and only got on the course due to another colleague dropping out. This made me nervous and self-doubt thinking I wasn’t actually good enough and only there to make up the numbers. I was nervous the first day but through myself into it there after and stayed in the hotel for the full 2 weeks. This was the best decision I made and I really thought this helped me get the most out of the experience . this was genuinely the best 2 weeks of my working career and a real eye opener for me. I can’t believe how much I learnt in such a short space of time and the wide range of subjects I learnt, ranging from maxi itself the haulage industry, shipping industry, and mainly myself. I could of carried on the course for another month I found it that interesting. I wish I could do it again!


Jacqueline King:

The development course was both interesting and informative. Before I went on this I admit to losing some motivation. This course has once again given me the drive to find out more. It gave an insight into how each department impacts the other. How missing out vital information can have a knock on effect to others. I learnt about how Brexit could impact the company and our customers. We had the chance to meet with Stena and learnt about their history. One if the surprising things that came out of this course was learning about myself. My strengths and weaknesses, how I could build my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses. I’m not going to lie, the two weeks were intense with a lot to take on board, but if I was asked to do it again, the answer would be yes, without a doubt.


Tim Rutter:

My experience on the development course was an eye opener, going into the course I was little unsure on what to expect and what I would get out it but it was defiantly an eye opener.

The course was well structured out and had a good balance of classroom time and trips out such to Stenaline, Birkenhead and Tiger trailers. I learnt so much about the industry as a whole and understood a lot more what other depots in Maxi do. I also brushed up my financial understanding of the company and how what I do in depot affects head office. Something I didn’t expect going into the course was how much I would learn about myself how I could improve on my strengths and how some of weaknesses could be turned around into a positive. The course has allowed me to build relationships with other candidates on the course in other depots and I know that I could go to them for help if I needed it.

For anyone who is wondering if they should apply for the course I would say go for it you wouldn’t regret it.


Janine Sykes:

This course was not what I expected at all in a positive way, as I was not initially meant to be on this course and was added later and was a little unsure what to expect, during the 2 weeks you will be taken completely out of you comfort zone and learn thing about yourself that you wouldn’t expect from you  strengths and weaknesses to how creative you can be, My experience on the two-week development course was eye opening to how the company works and learn facts that you would not learn on a day to day basis in the office, it also opened my eyes to how missing  small details can have a major effect later on when it comes to costing and invoicing and how attention to detail is vital, this course also allows you to build relationships with other departments in maxi and get an insight of how the company works, I would highly recommend this course and fully enjoyed the journey so if you are thinking of applying go for it you will not regret it


Michael Edwards:

I was apprehensive about going on the course, the prospect of being out of my comfort zone was quite daunting. However, speaking to previous participants and having gone through it now, it was an experience I needed to go through in order to grow in confidence. I also saw it as an opportunity to re-energise, gain further enthusiasm and learn more about myself, which I did from having different individuals from the company invest their time in me.

The 2-week course was very intense, in terms of having to process information in a short span of time. It was very informative, learning all the different facets of Maxi Haulage, the different individuals and what they do. The Fleet, Finance & Insurance sessions opened my eyes to aspects of the company I hadn’t really considered, realising how everything is interlinked and the importance for all of us to take a proactive approach at work. It was also a great chance to meet colleagues from other depots, finding out how they operate, and a chance to network within the company. The sessions we had with Alan were geared to taking the individual out of their comfort zone, which were instrumental to me in becoming a more confident individual and to keep striving to better myself inside and out of work. Also, we did a lot of role-playing, mock interviews and presentations for which we were evaluated and advised on how to improve. These gave an insight into management as well as prepare you for it. Overall, I feel more confident, better prepared for life/job and have a more positive mentality. I would strongly encourage anyone thinking about it to apply for the next course as you will make new friends, learn about yourself and gain invaluable life/work skills.


Jack Price

The development course was a great way not only to learn more within in Maxi but to learn more about myself because I never had done this before. I found out so much more than expected regarding Maxi, for example, from their history to what they are looking for in the future. When me and my colleague from Warwick was driving up we were both so very nervous not knowing what the two weeks had in for us, now looking back, there was no reason at all to be like this. I have learnt skills from the two weeks that will stay with me forever now. I met a bunch of great people and will be grateful to them for making it one not to forget. If you are thinking about going on this course there is no reason to even start thinking. Get on it!


Rachel Donnelly:

The course, for me, was about how I can create my own opportunities in reaching my goals, whether it be in my personal or work life. There was a lot of self-development, as well as learning a vast amount about the ins and outs of running a successful company. Maxi is very supportive of each individual’s personal journey and wants to share the tools and knowledge it takes to be successful. However, in order to utilise these tools, you need to step outside your comfort zone and be challenged. I am excited to apply all the skills and knowledge I’ve learned on the course, back into my working environment and get the best out of, not only myself, but also my colleagues.