Maxi Development Scheme – 2022

It’s that time of year were Alan has chosen candidates for the 2022 Maxi development course.

After being new to the industry and gaining 5 years’ experience with Maxi in Warrington it was a privilege to be chosen for the 2022 scheme.


There are many areas covered in the course but part of it is we are challenged with raising money for charity.  I decided to do just that and challenge myself!

I dusted off my bike and joined up to ride the Manchester to Blackpool 60-mile bike ride for The Christie Hospital Manchester.

This is a charity close to me personally as it provides enhanced services over and above what the NHS funds.


I managed to convince my partner and get together a team of 18 others who were willing to train and undertake this huge physical endeavour.  After 6 months of what I now know should have been a bit more intensive training we completed the bike ride on 10th July 2022 tallying up approx. 8 (painful) hours in the saddle.


All worth it because we managed to raise just over a huge £5890.42, this amount set to rise further with new fundraising ideas on the horizon.