Maxi Development Course 2019 – Charity Fundraising

David Shaw, Janine Sykes, Rich Jones and I (Kieron Colgan) choose to fundraise and donate all proceeds to 2 different charities this year. 

We believe that fundraising as part of the development scheme is good for many, many reasons including the following:

  • To raise money for good a good cause/causes
  • It encourages teamwork, creativity and health completion amongst team members
  • Set targets and work as a team to achieve them
  • Promotes Maxi as the charitable organisation that it is
  • Finally it brings a sense of satisfaction and good will to the course.

The 2 charities that we have chosen are Cancer research and St Rocco’s Hospice (Warrington). These charities were chosen for several reasons but mainly because each member of our team has a personal connection to 1 or both the charities.

Most people will have heard of Cancer Research and the fantastic job they do across the country daily. Some might not be as aware of St Rocco’s Hospice so I would like to give a brief description of the work this charity does.

St Rocco’s hospice has been operating since 1985 in Warrington. The hospice provides specialist care and support for people coping with life-limiting illnesses. It also promotes social, psychological and spiritual wellbeing which helps both patients and their families. The charity is very well part of the local community in Warrington.

So far for Cancer Research we have raised £1768. To raise the money Dave, Rich and I (Kieron Colgan) took part in a 10k race known as Manchester Tough 10. This event was held at Heaton Park (Manchester) and consisted of muddy trails, steep inclines and slippery declines.

To raise money for St Rocco’s Hospice Janine and Rich organised a “Charity Santa Dash” this was a fun way to raise money and involved a fancy dressed themed dash across many pubs in Warrington, A raffle with gifts donated by residents and businesses. And to finish off the night live music and entertainment at the Rope and Anchor pub. This event raised £408.35.

We still have another couple of fundraising events in the planning stage, one of which will be an auction or raffle of some sport memorabilia. More information regarding this will be available in the coming days.

To end things off, every member of our team would wish to thank every single person that has donated prizes and that has sponsored ourselves throughout these events.


Written by Kieron Colgan