Maternity and training: Keely Swift

I must be a little crazy but as well as a 3-year-old, and a new born I decided to still attend the development course ran by Maxi Haulage. After applying for the course and being accepted before I even found out I was pregnant I wasn’t sure at first if I would still have a place on the course or if it would be offered to someone else.  After speaking with Greg who then spoke to Alan, he confirmed that I would still be able to attend if I wanted to.

So, the time came for the course, I dropped my 3-year-old off at breakfast club and my 5 week old off at my mums, and drove to the mere court. I pulled up on the first day and sat in my car, not being sure if I was even going to walk in or drive back home and pick my little one back up.

The first day was a struggle, trying to get my brain to work again after 10 weeks of being at home and not really having to think. As the days went on it slowly started to kick in, maybe a little longer then it took the others on the course. I slowly started to stop worrying about what was happening at home and if my kids where ok and started to relax more into the course and enjoy it.

Overall, I have enjoyed the course, meeting new people and forming new relationships with the guys and girls from the other depots.

Question is, Would I do it again? YES