Managing Director’s Take on Driver Development Scheme

One of the favourite times of the year is the internal development courses we run.  This year I have set aside 25 working days for this. 

This is the first one aimed at drivers with potential to, over time, develop into managers.

One gets great job satisfaction watching the delegates progress and really start to believe in themselves.

Each course we have run we adapt and change content and style with the aim being to make each course better.

It is also a learning situation for me and each course I learn something.

I also take great pride in how our management team participates and we have had some superb presentations/dialogue sessions including:

  • Grant Ogston on finance
  • Mark Gilfedder on health and safety, personnel, environment and quality
  • John Gaskell on dangerous goods
  • Robin Allan on security/customer events

I look forward to seeing how all the delegates now develop further.  They all need to understand they are at the start of a process, not the end and there are no guarantees, just better opportunities.