Low Sulphur Surcharge – 2020

On January 1st 2020, the new low sulphur shipping surcharge will be applied to all shipments going to Ireland

We await final guidance from all shipping companies as to what specific costs will be involved.

However, the following appears to be the case:


  • There will be a variable monthly charge per trailer metre.
  • The charges will differ from route to route, generally Holyhead and Cairnryan surcharge will be lower than Birkenhead, Liverpool and Heysham due to the length of journeys. Empty trailers will have the same surcharge.
  • It is estimated that the impact of additional cost for maxi haulage is something around £2 million.


Administration costs increase as does the cost of funding additional cashflow, we are in dialogue with each  of our customers and are trying to simplify the process as far as we can, from an admin point of view trying to charge by route isn’t really feasible.


So, each solution is bespoke and covers any empty trailers shipping back.

We will publish in early December our low sulphur surcharge costs for  the January 1st implementation in the second week of December  .


In meantime if anyone has any questions please email our Managing Director alanmiles@maxihaulage.co.uk