Interview with the MD about COVID19

We’ve been able to ask some questions about how COVID 19 with our Managing Director:


How have you been managing the impact of COVID 19?

We have had a daily update on website most days, every weekend I do a weekly update for our staff.

Likewise, we try and keep all customers involved with regular updates. We’ve adopted the philosophy control and influence what you can and react to what you cannot as quickly and effectively as possible


How many employees have been furloughed?

In total 82. This has now stabilised, indeed we have had one or two back from furlough.


How has business been impacted?

Compared with February, the last month before the crisis on an annualised basis turnover is down by 12million pounds around 18% of turnover.

We have yet to finalise impact on profitability though quick decisive action together with support from key customers has minimised the impact.


What have been the biggest challenges?

By far the biggest one has been imbalance. We have had to bring significant trailers back empty from Ireland and Scotland at a huge cost.

Also in March/early April, there were more out of normal working hours deliveries which impacted ability to get backloads.

The other big challenge has been taking cost out of business whilst ensuring service met


How do you view the Government help?

To be fair to the Government they cannot please everyone. The furlough scheme has been very helpful. There has been a will to listen and I am in dialogue.

Urgent help is needed to help with imbalance, we can see the difficulty of the government in everyone in haulage industry impacted in different ways.

For those still working like ourselves a fuel rebate would be very welcome.

For those not working maybe some help with standing costs on vehicles.


Can it get any worse?

I don’t really know. If there was a second wave and it happened between October to December.

It would coincide with weather that could mean cancelled sailings and Brexit.

The perfect storm, let’s hope it doesn’t happen.


What does the next month hold for us all?

There is no use feeling sorry for ourselves, where we can plan and get ahead of events we will do.

Where we have to react to events out of our control we will do. More hard work for definite.

Above all,  I am very thankful for the huge efforts/commitments of all maxi staff, drivers and warehouse personnel, who have been truly outstanding.