Interview with our Senior Accountant

We’ve interviewed Carrieanne Rogerson, Senior Accountant for Maxi Group. 

You have recently joined us, tell us about the new job.

I am senior accountant for the Maxi Group of Companies, based in Irvine I work in the accounts team.

What does it entail?Carrieanne Rogerson

The job is very varied!  Primarily it entails producing the financial results for each of the group companies.  Maxi Haulage is the largest trading company in the group and therefore this is where my focus has been in my first month.  I am trying to get up to speed on how the financial results are obtained and produced for monthly reporting as well as gaining an understanding of the operational side of the business which is crucial to this process.

How are you settling in?

I have settled in very quickly, although there has been a lot of information to process and take on board, the experience and the level of knowledge within the team here is excellent which provides me with huge support.  I still have such a lot to learn and I am looking forward to meeting and learning from everyone across the company over the coming weeks and months to help me get up to speed.

What was the interview process like?

I found the interview process extremely helpful for me! My initial interview was relatively informal to discuss my experience to date and I found out a lot about the company/group, its culture and the role in particular.  This was followed by another couple of informal chats with the chairman, company secretary and financial controller to gain a better understanding of the role and attributes that it required.  Following this was a more formal interview with some of the directors of the key companies in the group.  The interviews were unlike any I have had in previous roles with some left field questions!  The main benefit I took away from these was a good understanding of the personalities and culture of the senior management team within the group.   I found this process worked really well as it made my decision jump from a totally different industry and culture a lot less daunting…

Tell us about your education and career before Maxi?

Following school I attended University of Paisley where I obtained a degree in accountancy.  My first “proper” job was a very small accounting practice locally, then I moved to a mid-size audit firm in Glasgow where I studied for my professional exams, qualifying as a chartered accountant in 2005.  I then left to gain experience in industry and for the past 10 years I worked for Morgan Stanley, a US investment bank, with my key responsibilities being financial reporting and management of 300+ companies in the Morgan Stanley Group, managing at team of around 12 qualified accountants.

What do you see as initial culture changes from a large plc type environment to Maxi?

The culture is very different.  I was used to working in an office with 800+ employees around me working in a very large team with my key managers and staff spread across the globe, from New York to India.  Although I still need to build and maintain relationships with people in multiple locations, the Maxi office is much smaller and feels more like a family.   I have no previous experience of the haulage industry and therefore I have a whole new set of challenges here which I am currently enjoying and very much looking forward to learning more about the company and developing personally and professionally here in the future.