Here, there and back again, with Matt Jackson

What was your job role prior to leaving the company?

I was the operations manager for Irish General in the Warrington depot, before progressing to become the General Manager of the Warwick depot.  While I was in Warwick, a few things changed within the business, the previous general manager of Warrington had left. The Warrington depot got broken down into a few departments and I came back to Warrington. I then became the General Manager of Wrexham – I had quite a few job roles around Maxi. I worked here for just over 7 years before taking a job with a different company


What made you leave Maxi Haulage?

My first reason was I knew the time was right. I stayed in the transport industry, however I wanted to learn something new and broaden my horizons. I wanted to experience a different culture of the industry and I think the experience was positive overall. I worked with a different company for two and a half years in the end.


What made you come back?

At the beginning of 2017, the company I worked for had lost a few customers and that wasn’t looking very good for the job role I was in, I knew I needed to start looking for something else,

I didn’t see myself being with the company by the end of 2017. I needed financial stability and this company wasn’t showing 100% commitment to this. I came back because  I enjoyed working here and it’s a very financially stable company. Maxi is a family run business, you’re not a number to them, you are a person and they look after their staff.


When you came back to Maxi, what job role did you go into?

I looked after our own vehicles and helped bring drivers into Maxi Haulage. We started off with around 15 drivers and 8 trucks. As of January 2019, we have gone up to 58 drivers and around 30 trucks.


Have you noticed any changes since returning to Maxi?

The main thing is that is hasn’t faltered away from a family run business there are a lot of people in Maxi haulage who are related:  brothers, sisters, cousins, partners – it’s a prominent thing within all the Maxi depots. The main change is that the company grew a lot while I was away which also helped me solidify my decision to come back.