FORS Wrexham Safe Urban Driving

Maxi Haulage decide that now is the time for us to become FORS registered in Wrexham this will help service more for our customers.

To obtain the bronze accreditation there is a lot of work done behind the scenes by the Maxi FORS Team and the Wrexham Management, also there is plenty of training to be done with the HGV drivers and staff. We completed the bronze audit at the start of the year and now as a team we are pushing for the FORS Silver Accreditation, for this our Wrexham drivers need to pull their socks up and jump on a bike, something a few of the drivers had not done since they were children.

What is Safe Urban Driving About?

An increase in population across cities and towns in the UK adds to the challenges and hazards of driving. To help improve road safety, safe urban driving focuses on understanding how vulnerable road users behave and gives drivers a first-hand experience of being a vulnerable road user.
A Safe Urban Driving course consists of a 3.5 hours of classroom training and then 3.5 hours out and about riding bikes, this training will go towards our drivers CPC training hours.


This is some of the Wrexham Drivers carrying out the classroom session of the SUD with Nick Cooper of Seven Training.



Wrexham drivers before they went out on the cycling section of the SUD course, notice the happy faces before the hard work!


By the end of the session the drivers will have a better understanding of what it feels like to be a cyclist and hopefully remember next time they are put in a predicament with a cyclist, and they will err on the side of caution when overtaking cyclist and vulnerable road users.
The course was a great success and the drivers really enjoyed it, being able to do a bit of outside work during a CPC training is a massive bonus and luckily the weather held up!

A Big Thanks to Nick Cooper at Seven Training for coming all the way from Ipswich to carry out the training for us.


Graeme Snowball
Training Manager