FORS Silver Accreditation

We have again achieved FORS Silver, for those of you who are not familiar with FORS, it is a voluntary accreditation scheme designed to help fleet operators improve standards within their organisation.





The benefits of being FORS accredited are:

Improving Road Safety Awareness

Improving Fuel Efficiency

Reduction in fines

Improving understanding & knowledge of the fleet industry


In order to achieve this accreditation, we have to prove that we employ good practice and comply with the requirements laid out in the FORS standard, it is not easy and involves substantial work in the background.

Firstly, we need to achieve the BRONZE, once accredited we move on to Silver, the Silver is renewed every year, but we are also required to maintain the BRONZE bi-annually.

All the drivers and vehicles must reach the required standard of each accreditation, which includes safety features on the vehicles, cameras, under run bars, V5 mirrors, along with training courses for the drivers..

The Company must have a Counter Terrorism Policy.

The drivers qualifications are available via an E Learning Portal online or some can be completed in group sessions.

For the Silver, the drivers must hold an SUD certification, Safe Urban Driving, this course is available from offsite Training Companies, and can also be used as 7hrs CPC training.


We currently have 3 Depots accredited to FORS Scheme.

Cape Road – BRONZE

Lichfield – SILVER

Wrexham – SILVER

Initially we entered into the FORS world at the request of certain Customers, but we have continued with the journey as it really does improve driver awareness and safety concerns.