Emissions Trading System

From the 1st of January 2024 there will be a new ETS ( Emissions Trading System) with will come into force on the Irish sea as part of a raft of measures to hit net zero by 2025

The charge is applicable to shipping above 5000 GT transporting cargo and passengers for commercial purpose in the EU based on the amount

initially this is just on route from the UK to republic of Ireland falling in line with the rest of the EU so trips to Northern Ireland are not currently affected


it is not clear yet if the UK government will follow the EU


The charge from January will be tariffed


  • Year one 40% of the real cost
  • Year two this will increase to 70%
  • Year Three 100%


Currently Stena are shadowing the cost online to demonstrate next year what the expected charges maybe – this will vary month to month

We will update one other ferry company figures as soon as we have them


Holyhead – Dublin  – £6.86