Development Scheme – Interview with Participant

We are now at the midway point of our 2016 development scheme.  One of the participants is Chris Macavoy.  Chris only recently returned to the UK having lived in France for 6 years.  Alan Miles, Managing Director, asked Chris to write an article on his background. 

The first nine years of my career were spent in warehousing with very little involvement in the transport sector.

For the past six years I have been living in lower Normandy in France, self-employed doing everything from roofing to fitting satellite dishes – anything that could provide a roof over my head and food for my family. As my oldest son is reaching the age of starting high school we decided that his education would be better served in an English school and so decided to move back to England in August 2015.

French House

French house

Initially I found it hard to adapt back to life in England and found it difficult to find a job that I could get my teeth into.

I started with Maxi Haulage in January 2016 working in the warehouse with a view to providing support for the Contract Supervisor as I had experience with previous employment in warehouse management.

When I initially heard about the development course I wasn’t going to apply as I felt that it was beyond me as I had only been with the company for a short time. It was only due to being advised and encouraged that it would be good for my career that I decided to apply.

The course has been run for the past few years as Maxi has a ‘promote from within’ culture and is designed take you out of your comfort zone and teach you about yourself whilst providing an insight into the workings of the business.

For Maxi Haulage’s Managing Director, Alan Miles, to take 2 weeks of his time to spend with the staff to try and pass on some of his vast knowledge of the business and educate us to a level that we can be there in the future to carry on and build the business for many years to come and hopefully safeguard all of our jobs.

The course comprises of various activities as I said attracted to taking you out of your comfort zone and challenging you to do things that you would have never thought you would be doing e.g. presentations – my nerves ruined this the first time but feel like now at the end of the first week that they are going away and I am growing in confidence.

This has been a vast learning curve for me as my background has been mainly in warehousing. I have never had any dealings with shipping etc so everything is new to me and I am very interested to see what the rest of the course has to offer and how my future with Maxi evolves.