Data Protection Policy Statement

Maxi Haulage Ltd will develop, implement and maintain suitable procedures to ensure that all relevant legislation in relation to personal data protection is complied with.

Use of personal data will be in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations, (GDPR), and will be specific, informed and, where necessary, with consent of individuals.

Data which is retained by the organisation will be as necessary and can be justified.  Unnecessary data will be disposed of and destroyed where possible.

Retained data will be handled with due diligence of security and integrity.

A suitable process is being developed for dealing with requests from individuals on retained data, transportation of data and the “right to be forgotten”.

A process is in place for dealing appropriately with data breaches as required by the relevant legislation.

The current procedure for the Company’s Control of Data can be obtained by request from The Company Secretary.



1 JANUARY 2021.