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Changes In SECA Prices Over The Last 12 Months

On the 1st January 2020 the Sulphur Emission Controlled Area (SECA) was introduced to the Irish Sea this came from a IMO regulation in order to reduce the amount of sulphur in shipping to 0.5%

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Record Volume On Our Irish Services W/C 23rd October

Last week, we had our highest ever volume of trailers moving to/from Ireland.

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Second Hand Vehicles For Sale

We have a number of second hand vehicles for sale.

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October Update 2023

We caught up with our MD Alan Miles for an update.

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Emissions Trading System

From the 1st of January 2024 there will be a new ETS ( Emissions Trading System) with will come into force on the Irish sea as part of a raft of measures to hit net zero by 2025

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Our Customs Journey Since BREXIT

Maxi has been well prepared and tried to always get in front of any customs changes both from a knowledge and systems point of view.

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