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Our employees raise money for numerous charities in a variety of ways, as illustrated in the following articles.

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Charity Fundraising for SANDS

As part of Maxi’s development course, Sonya Poppe, Cherry Littler, Rachel Parkinson and Rob Kenwright were set the challenge to organise a charity event.

With groups in previous years raising up to £20,000 for their charities the bar has been set extremely high for us but we are determined to do our absolute best for our chosen charity.  Read more

Debbie Lorimer Mount Everest

Debbie’s Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp

Debbie Lorimer, who works in our Head Office Central Pricing Department in Irvine, has recently completed a charity trek to Mount Everest.  The following is Debbie’s account of the trip.  Read more

HoneyRose Charity Fundraising Group

Charity Fundraising Update

We caught up with Greg Duffy from our Warrington Depot, who along with Jonathan Lukow and Tom Jackson, have been raising money for The HoneyRose Foundation charity.  Read more

Shane Browne Maxi Haulage presentation to CF Ireland

Shane Browne from our Dublin office – A Personal Journey

Shane, as part of your development course last year, one of your tasks was to raise money for charity.  What charity did you choose and why?  Read more

Charity Fundraising Events

As part of a continuing management development programme a number of Maxi Haulage employees have been raising money for charities of their choice. They are divided into 3 teams based on their location.  Read more

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