Training Manager: Graeme Snowball

I was able to get some time to go and speak to our Driver training manager, Graeme Snowball about his role within the company and how he joined MAXI Haulage

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Kieron Colgan: Football Star

Did you know we have a former goal machine in our ranks?

As part of the 2019 Maxi Development Scheme I’ve been speaking to one of this year’s participants, Kieron Colgan, and his experiences as a promising football star and his journey through Maxi Haulage.

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An Interview with Daniel Fairhurst: Rugby

We were able to have a chat with Daniel Fairhurst who is based in Warrington, I was able to ask him a questions about one of his hobbies, Rugby.

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MAXI has got talent!

It has come to our attention that we have a hidden star within Maxi Haulage! Read more

Hole in one King: Tom Jackson

At what age did you begin playing golf?

“I started playing when I was age 12, I had always watched numerous family members compete weekly which initiated my interest in Golf. At the time I played rugby and due to injuring my shoulder I could no longer play which was when I decided to take up Golf. ”

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Fleet Maintenance Manager: Dave Shaw


David Shaw, Fleet Maintenance Manager at Maxi Haulage, talks about rising through the ranks and personal development in his search for a bright future with the company.

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Maternity and training: Keely Swift

I must be a little crazy but as well as a 3-year-old, and a new born I decided to still attend the development course ran by Maxi Haulage. Read more

Jacky’s Story

Why should my age stop me?? The truth is it shouldn’t, but my head was telling me it was. Maxi run a development course for their employees, and I have never applied. Until last year when the e-mail was sent out, I thought why not, what is the worst that can happen. Read more

Adam Duffy’s Transition to General Manager

What is it like being the Irish General Manager?

It’s a very challenging role. I progressed into this job after taking part in the Maxi Development Course, where I was able to gain more insight on how to be a manager and that gave me the confidence to apply. Read more

Here, there and back again, with Matt Jackson

What was your job role prior to leaving the company?

I was the operations manager for Irish General in the Warrington depot, before progressing to become the General Manager of the Warwick depot.  Read more