Maxi Caledonian Ltd announces 2021 financial results

Maxi Caledonian Ltd is the ultimate holding company of Maxi Haulage Ltd, Maxi Construction Ltd and Maxi Warehousing Ltd, who have just published their September 2021 accounts. Read more

Maxi Haulage Development Scheme 2022

We have just announced our internal development scheme for 2022 – we’ll have 9 people who will be chosen for this course.

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An interview with Alan Miles, the Managing Director – December 2021

We’ve been able to catch up with our Managing Director, Alan Miles to talk about the most recent obstacles we’ve been experiencing as a company

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Maxi Caledonian Ltd announces 2020 financial results

Maxi Caledonian Ltd. is the ultimate holding Company of Maxi Group Ltd., Maxi Haulage Ltd., Maxi Warehousing Ltd. and Maxi Construction Ltd. Read more

New Trailers – June 2021

First trailer of an order of 40 hits the road for Maxi Haulage Ltd

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Training During Covid

As a business MAXI Haulage had to make some hard decisions to keep everyone safe and comply with government guidelines. One of those decisions hit the training department (ME) the hardest, I had gone from group training 10-20 individuals to not being able to train anymore which obviously affected my job!

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Mental Health

The last 12 months have been usual and challenging to say the least, within Maxi some of us have been furloughed, working from home and or trying to home school our children, all of this may have had an impact on our mental and physical health.

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A Catch Up With Alan Miles

We managed to catch up with Managing Direct, for Alan Miles for an update:

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Potential Fraud Warning

We are aware that someone probably outwith the UK has copied our web site, changing the logos and company names on the trucks and the directors’ names on the Contact Us page. Read more

Brexit Update as of 19/10

We are set up to do all customs entries/ens/preboarding notifications.

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