Brexit Update

As we all know, Brexit has been the topic of the last few months, we had a date for 31st October 2019 – however there has now been another extension until January 2020.

I was able to catch up with Alan Miles about Brexit:


Unfortunately, there is yet another delay to Brexit – how do you think this will impact MAXI?

It’s definitely not good news, every time we have a delay it leads to interruption to the flow of loads.

For last few weeks we have been very busy with volume up by 20% with significant stockpiling by some customers

November is looking like it will quieten down due to customers no longer stock piling, unfortunately during the busy periods we have to throw money into making sure we can maintain the service we provide to the best of our ability. When the work quietens down, we end up have too much resource and have to let some resource off.

It’s about time for our politicians to take this very costly uncertainty away from business.


Were you ready for Brexit to take place on 31st October?

Yes we were, we had already been set up to do customs entry, and ens security protocol we ensured that significant number of our staff had been trained up on this matter to make sure we were all ready for the change. We also had new software installed to help with the changes that were going to be implemented


What will happen next?

We will keep close to our customers, making sure that if there is any new information about Brexit, we will communicate.  When Brexit eventually takes place, we will need to do refresher training with all our staff to ensure they are up to date.

Much depends now on whether the new deal gets through or how the general election goes on Tuesday 12th December 2019.


Watch this space for more up to date news soon