Brexit – How has this impacted our business?

After the new revelations with Brexit, we decided to have a little update about how this is affecting MAXI haulage in the time period between now and the new date of Brexit:


Has volume of loads been higher?

Very much so, particularly during December then moving to February, right through until the third week in March, very much under pressure to cover all loads.


Has it been across the whole business?

Yes, most of business only area with little impact was our UK groupage business, interestingly the business with most additional business was England to Scotland.

Business to republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland was very high, our parts business was again much higher due to customers stocking up in preparation.


The increased volume, was this good or bad for profits?

Very much worse in profit terms, due to resultant resource shortages and imbalance.


What was biggest impact on business?

Very much time, the amount of conference calls was very high as were meetings on subject.

Time spent on Brexit meant time not being spent on other things, however being able to talk to customers through everything that’s going on with Brexit only makes the relationship stronger.


What lessons have we learnt if same uncertainties about for October 31st 2019 deadline?

Keep in place all existing contingencies make our customers more aware on security and safety protocol. Keep populating as much data on product codes and descriptions, if stocking up again encourage a more even flow too many people left it late. Be more decisive on any rationing of trailers.


Are there any increased risk with the updated deadline of October 31st 2019?

The biggest one will be that this will coincide with Christmas stock increase time.