An Update with Alan Miles – Feb 2024

We caught up with Managing Director, Alan Miles

How has 2024 started?

In truth a little bit slowly, volume appears to be down on like for like business.


Are there many tenders out currently?

In my 40 years in the industry, we have seen the highest number of tenders in January caused by a variety of reasons:

  • Competitors going bust
  • Market testing rates
  • Asking for rates increases
  • Customers consolidating number of suppliers


Are you seeing any new features in the market?

2024 has seen an extension of shipping charges being applied by day of week ie Tuesday to Thursday more expensive, where customers use customs brokers rather than haulier extra charges are starting to come into the market due to slowing down process.

Environmental tax is now in place and we pass on to our customers at cost only for time being only to/from republic of ireland


Any new equipment on order?

Yes we bought 4 new artics in January from stock, we have also ordered 50 new trailers which start arriving mid April.


How are manning levels?

Thankfully we can report, we are fully manned.