An Interview with Sam Campbell

Sam, what has been your favourite topic we have covered so far from the development course?

I enjoyed 2 sessions with Alan in particular, how we grew up Ireland. Working at Bellshill, it is easy to get stuck in a bubble & not really see what is going on outside of that bubble, I knew we had done Irish work but I was unaware of the extent of the work we do & also his breakdown of all the work Maxi does as a whole, including the added value Maxi provide our customers etc.

The session we had with Grant Ogston on Finance was an eye opener for me, getting to see Maxi as a whole from a financial point of view was interesting as I had only had a rough breakdown of Bellshill previously.


Were you nervous before coming onto the course?

I wasn’t until I had to stand up and do my first presentation on the Monday morning, this has changed drastically as the course has progressed.


What have you learnt anything about yourself?


Different ways of learning – Previously I would learn by taking notes, I have realised this was not as effective as learning by doing. I also learn better watching how others do something & picking up good points from them & finally, noting key points to get my brain working as opposed to writing down everything that is being said.


My strengths and weakness – It was interesting to see other people’s opinions on what my strengths & weaknesses were after only 5 days of being with me, the main weakness that kept cropping up was that I was impulsive & reactive, this is something I need to work on, this was picked up on by Alan and he has also noticed this in my time with Maxi.


Do you feel like this course has been beneficial to you so far?

Yes, after only 6 days of learning I’ve learnt a lot about myself, Maxi as a whole & how my brain works, I have noticed a difference in my way of thinking after only 6 days & am interested to see where this takes me after implementing this in to my future.



What other topics are you looking forward to on week 2?


I am looking forward to the session with Dave Shaw & Andy McGuire around fleet, this is something I have brought up throughout the course as I feel I lack in general knowledge about our fleet, trucks in particular, I have picked up the basics through conversation in my time at Maxi. I am looking forward to learning more in depth around this topic, I am also looking forward to Friday’s presentations from everyone else on the course about my strengths and weaknesses to see how they differentiate from week 1.


Written by Tom Johns