An Interview with Paige Workman

What made you want to come on the course?

Because I was interested to find out the history of the business. I had personal flaws that I had to develop and work on. Learn my options regarding progression in the business.



What part have you enjoyed most so far?


Well, I don’t really have one part. I have enjoyed the visit to the shipping company and finding out how Alan and how in turn we can improve the business. I found the concept of added value really interesting and how we can improve the business year on year.



What have you found most challenging?


That’s a hard one… probably the finance section. I feel like it is a very complex part of the business with a lot involved. Also, I lack an understanding of some of the basics. For example, I knew about the terms in the real world but I didn’t know the business / accounts terms for them. I was also very surprised at how many sections and departments there are in the finance department within maxi.



What one word would you use to sum up your first week?




So, currently we are halfway though. What are you looking forward to in your second week?


Further presentations from other members of the business. I find these really interesting, and I have gained so much more understanding of what roles people play within Maxi.

I feel like it has also helped me make connections with people outside my depot.


How do you think you will change your working style now you have been on the course?


I am going to be less reactive, try to ensure I balance my day appropriately to prevent stress. I will use my new knowledge of the Irish operations and customs procedure when dealing with and resolving issues with the Irish work I deal with.


Written by Carla Robinson