An Interview with Mike Alcock – our Senior Compliance Manager

We were able to have a chat withour new Senior Compliance Manager, Mike Alcock


How long have you worked in Transport?

Since I was 18 – 21 years in total (you’d get less for murder)


What made you get into Transport?

Don’t we all just fall into it? A friend of mine worked for McBurney’s and offered me an interview and I have never looked back since, It became a passion as soon as I started.


What was your previous company and role?

Maritime Transport General Manager.


What are your first thoughts on Maxi as a company?

A very well ran company with massive potential to become even better.


What is your best skill set in the industry?

Operations, Customer relations and compliance have always been the areas of the industry that I thrived in and enjoyed, in my career.


What’s your Favourite food?

Indian cuisine


What’s your Favourite Tipple?

Red Wine Pinot Noir


What would you say your favourite film is?

Top Gun


What’s your favourite Band/Singer?

Deacon Blue


Finally tell me your claim to fame or something we wouldn’t know about you?

Me and my wife have 7 children together from age 15 to age 1.