A catch up with our MD Alan Miles

We managed to catch up with MD Alan Miles to discuss the maxi development course as for the past 2 weeks he has been leading the course


How has everyone got on?


Very good, the whole course is aimed at unlocking their brains thinking differently and improving their self-confidence, everyone has excelled.


Is the content different this year?


Around 60% is different as is the case most years, there is also new content included such as

A session with one of our drivers George Sullivan who gave an excellent talk on what pressures drivers are under and things we can all do to improve on this.

One afternoon was spent on understanding customs we prepared very well for Brexit and have had very few issues. We also looked at a recent new customer set up to see what lessons we can learn

Maxi is in process of rolling out new traffic system so had a good session on this.

We brought back delegates who had been on previous courses to talk around opportunities and challenges:

  • Tim Rutter who now runs our Irish services.
  • Adam Duffy who now runs our parts business.
  • Dave shaw who is a fleet engineer

All have been through the same development scheme.


Can you tell us about the charity work which is part of scheme?


Every delegate has had to raise money for a charity of their choice –

If you look at our people section of website you will see all the charities and events which have included:

  • 2 delegates running 5 miles every day for 30 days
  • A bike ride from Anfield to Old Ttrafford
  • A bike team ride to Blackpool
  • Obstacle challenge
  • Golf day
  • Raffles

I am so proud of efforts and innovation they have all put in – they are still raising money through to the end of the year


Why do you enjoy running the scheme?


Very simple, it’s to see in 2 weeks if people put their minds to it and how much they can achieve.

Everyone on this scheme has made huge progress individually but also as a group learnt of each other.


How many people have now gone through the development scheme since we started in 2014?


Including this year, it’s now 42 people.