A Catch Up With Alan Miles

We managed to catch up with Managing Direct, for Alan Miles for an update:


We are now 3 months into Brexit, how has it gone?


We have deliberately tried to keep a low profile on this. Huge efforts went into the preparation for the event.

From a maxi perspective gone rather well, any hurdle with patience, we have been able to overcome.

We have tried to be positive in our dialogue with customs, however with saying that it is not to say there are no issues.

TSS for n Ireland is very cumbersome and labour intensive when completing supplementary declarations, in Dublin the major issue is coordination between various departments.

There are added complications when we don’t do our own customs clearance as authorities will only speak to the company doing the entry.


Have you noticed any difference to the business going to/from Ireland?

To Northern Ireland has been very busy with more moving this year than last. To Dublin it has been the opposite.


How do you see the rest of the year?

In short it is very unpredictable; the whole supply chain process has and is changing.

There are different supply routes and different ways to market.

I suspect Republic of Ireland will still be down and Northern Ireland will have benefited in pure volume terms.


How has COVID-19 impacted the business?

We have major focus on precautionary measures, each week I write out to all employees giving updates. We have had no major incidents.

However, in the latest wave we would have had more individuals impacted than in other waves, most infections coming from away from work environment.