2017 Development Scheme

We have just completed our 2017 Development Scheme.  The website has interviewed the Managing Director, Alan Miles, on the scheme and its targets. 

Q:  Is every development course the same?

No, each Development Course we have done is different.

This time, for the first time:

  • We visited an RDC
  • Had a session with Rachel, our Driver Liaison Manager, re how we have tried to engage drivers more
  • Met with a Consultant – different slant on business
  • Each scheme has been better than the one before as we continuously learn, change and adapt

This is the fourth scheme we have run.

Q:  Why have we had charity projects on each course?  Alan explained.

  • Work as a team
  • Innovation/idea generation
  • Work with numbers
  • Do good
  • Network
  • Success in action
  • Plan
  • Set the bar high
  • Develop an interest
  • Get job satisfaction
  • Streetwiseness
  • Create real competition
  • How cooperation works
  • Get your brains working
  • Creativity

The success or otherwise tell me a lot about the individuals.

  • Who can really deliver?

Since we started the development course, we have raised over £50k for charity.

Q:  What have you wanted to achieve with the delegates?

 To learn about themselves:

  • Open your minds
  • Get your brain working
  • Starting for each of you to get to know yourselves
  • For you to understand your weaknesses and have an action plan to deal with
  • Improve how you listen
  • Understand how to question and research
  • Build self presentation
  • Understand how little you know
  • Break you out of the cycle of just doing enough to survive
  • Open your creative minds
  • Learn about how to recognise and control instinct
  • Rough you up a little so you can be more resilient
  • Think more, but not too much
  • Understand what relationships are
  • How you deal with stress
  • Get more discipline into your mind set
  • Really understand and plan to apply 100 tips for success – we have done a lot of work on this

 About Maxi:

  • Added value
  • How we gain business
  • How we keep business
  • How we work out prices
  • Customer presentations
  • Complexity of business
  • Credit checks
  • Insurance
  • Risk
  • Health and safety/risk assessments
  • History culture
  • How I manage it
  • Driver retention
  • How we plan
  • Why we subcontract
  • How we make profit
  • How we develop profitability through combinations
  • Servicing/MOTs

 About the market:

  • Competitors
  • Financials
  • Personnel legislation
  • Health and safety legislation
  • Statistics
  • Economic data
  • Brexit
  • How it is changing
  • Other companies’ culture
  • What purchasers do
  • VOSA
  • Security awareness
  • How a Distribution Centre works
  • The shipping world
  • Market balances

Q:  What do you want the delegates to do now?

Immediately impact profits through:

  • Work on combinations to mix Scotland with Ireland
  • Build more third party work – all
  • Build relationships with each other for business benefit
  • Warrington/Warwick – work closer together re backloads
  • Talk and question more back at the Depots
  • Come forward with ideas
  • Look at routes taken/mileage more and challenge
  • Be aware and act on risk to safety
  • Be hungry for success
  • Be competitive
  • Apply for jobs when they come up and if you don’t get them, use as a learning tool
  • Keep learning
  • Research more
  • Mentor others and look to be mentored
  • Manage your Managers
  • Know when to say no
  • Develop a passion for a specialist subject, like me with shipping